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Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Radiology

Artificial Intelligence in Clinical RadiologyOne of the largest issues in veterinary radiology today is an incredibly high caseload. Radiologists in North America consult on 2.5 million cases per year, and that number is projected to more than double within the next three years. With fewer educational opportunities available in radiology, how can this vital specialization

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Innovations in veterinary radiology: using AI to improve patient care

Innovations in veterinary radiology: using AI to improve patient careThe implementation of artificial intelligence in the field of veterinary radiology allows doctors to receive crucial diagnostic information almost immediately.The world of medicine is constantly changing, and the veterinary medical field is no different. Technology is advancing rapidly, and the rule is to adapt to these changes or

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Vetology In the News

Vetology In the NewsThe American Medical Veterinary Association interviewed Dr. Seth Wallack, Founder of Vetology and Eric Goldman, President of Vetology. We discussed with the AVMA the challenges of not having enough radiologists to meet the demand. This is not just a problem for our teleradiology practice, but a global problem that impacts general practice

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Embrace Pet Insurance

Do all veterinarians take insurance?Unlike human health insurance, pet insurance has no networks. Because it works based on a reimbursement method, you pay the vet directly, submit your claim, and we pay you back – you can visit any veterinarian, specialist, or emergency hospital you like.Is my pet covered for life?Yes. We will never drop

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Radiology Technician

How Intelligent Is Artificial Intelligence?

How Intelligent Is Artificial Intelligence?AI For Human And Veterinary RadiologyRadiology Artificial Intelligence, commonly referred to as AI, is in full development, and the FDA is actively testing AI in human radiology. In veterinary radiology we’re not far behind and are quickly catching up. Veterinary medicine AI product development’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

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AI Machine Learning

Veterinary Radiology Artificial Intelligence Software Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

Veterinary Radiology Artificial Intelligence Software Made Simple: A Step-By-Step GuideA Brief HistoryNeed a brief history of AI software in general here. TeleradiologyNeed a history of the current state of veterinary teleradiology here. Image MatchNeed to discuss image matching; its strengths and drawbacks. AI In Medicine Is Growing Very Fast AI For Veterinary RadiologyThis is where we would pivot to

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Choosing A Teleradiology Service Provider: A Step-By-Step Guide

Choosing A Teleradiology Service Provider: A Step By Step GuideSection 1 Sub-headlineText for the story Section 2 Sub-headlineText for the story Section 3 Sub-headline Section 4 Sub-headline 

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What People Are Saying About Vetology AI Guardian Software


South Park Animal Hospital, Austin, Texas

I was a little skeptical about using AI at first, but decided to try it. So far, out of 25 X-rays, I have only found one where the radiologist and the AI algorithm did not agree exactly, and it was a very minor disagreement (presence of interstitial lung pattern). We are extremely confident in the results so far and I’m a believer in it now. Very helpful. We love this AI software!

Brad Singleton - DVM

High Valley Veterinary Hospital, Ramona, California

Wow is all I can say! I have never seen a program like this ever! Now that reports come back in minutes the doctors can decide if they need more x-rays while the animal is still at our clinic. I ALWAYS dread calling owners the next day about bringing their pet back. Highly recommend this program!

Tammie McGill

Westchester Veterinary Center & Cat Clinic

Without a doubt, I’m finding owners are more likely to say 'Yes' to needed additional diagnostics when I can discuss the rapid Vetology AI radiograph evaluation at the time of their appointment, compared to the previous process of waiting days with results. Shortening the time to receiving radiology results has definitely gotten clients more on board with treatment recommendations, in turn improving patient outcomes.

Shortening the time to provide radiology reads improves patient outcomes, as clients are more likely to make the right decisions for animals.

Dr. Henry Yoo, - DVM, MSc, MBA

La Jolla Veterinary Hospital, La Jolla, California

Many veterinarians struggle interpreting thoracic radiographs. It's frequently a question of heart vs. lungs when working up a coughing animal. Last week, I had thoracic radiographs taken on an elderly coughing dog. This dog had already been thoroughly worked up, and a definitive diagnosis of bronchitis, dynamic airway collapse and mild cardiomegaly had been previously confirmed by several local specialists. Without any prior history, the Vetology AI report correctly identified bronchitis, dynamic airway collapse and mild cardiomegaly. The results were thorough and extremely accurate. This experience renewed my belief that there is a strong role for this software to play in our radiographic interpretations.

Julie Breher - DVM, MPVM

Patterson Veterinary

Dr. Wallack has been a visionary in the digital age of radiology in helping to create tele-radiology platforms that have become the standard in the veterinary industry today. Now Dr. Wallack is continuing to push the technology envelope by being the first to bring AI assisted radiology to the vet industry. Vetology AI truly fulfills the AI promise of faster results, better medicine and more affordable care.

Dan Holland - Director of Technology

Veterinary Imaging Center Of San Diego

Dr. Wallack is one of the most intelligent, kind, and hard-working people I know. He is a highly admired leader in his field and is very knowledgeable, not only in the field of veterinary medicine and radiology, but also in business and technology. He is extremely innovative and is always thinking towards the future. He is a fantastic teacher and everything he does stems from his desire to help aspiring veterinary radiologists, to serve the local veterinary community of general practitioners, and to advance the world of veterinary radiology.

Dr. Stephanie Belhorn

Westchester Veterinary Center & Cat Clinic

AI Reports have been integrated into our General Practice, all radiographs are backed by this exciting screening tool! If, in the event of an abnormality, I need more information for best care of my patient, a full evaluation and written report is requested.

AI Radiology Reports have given my doctors the confidence and efficiency needed for best care of our patients!

Dr. Andrew Krieger

Veterinary Imaging Center Of San Diego

In addition to being a world-class radiologist, Dr. Wallack is a dedicated entrepreneur who genuinely cares about advancing veterinary radiology, improving radiologist efficiency, and augmenting learning. He chooses to pursue these ventures not for his own interest but rather for the benefit of others.

Steven Robillard - DVM

UC San Diego Health

I have observed the work and accomplishments of Dr. Seth Wallack, Veterinary Radiologist (DACVR) for the last 15 years. He is the hardest working, most dedicated professional I have ever known. His obsession with excellence and advancement of the specialty of Veterinary Radiology is nothing short of astonishing.

William A. Ladd - MD HS Clinical Professor of Radiology