Veterinary Radiology Artificial Intelligence Software Made Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

A Brief History

Need a brief history of AI software in general here.


Need a history of the current state of veterinary teleradiology here.

Image Match

Need to discuss image matching; its strengths and drawbacks.

AI In Medicine Is Growing Very Fast

AI For Veterinary Radiology

This is where we would pivot to the specific application of AI and Machine Learning applied to veterinary radiology


Need to explain what sensitivity means.


Need to explain what specificity means.

Confusion Matrix

Need to explain our confusion matrix and enough to give confidence.

Vetology's AI Guardian Software

Need to give overview of our software.

Intended Use

This is where we would provide intended use

Post-Market Monitoring Plan

What are our post-market ongoing monitoring, reporting and corrective plans? This should consider latest data and new data sources.